Join the People 2018

“When you educate one you change a life;

when you educate many you change the world.”

– President Shai Reshef


About “Join the People 2018”

Join the People 2018 has officially been launched!


University of the People invites you to join the Education Revolution! Join our mission of opening the gates of higher education around the world and bring the gift of education to your friends and family.


Invite your friends, colleagues or family members to become students at UoPeople and have the chance to partake in the following: Co-host a Facebook live event, act as a brand ambassador on our homepage, join an exclusive webinar with President Reshef and more!


How to Participate

To participate, simply follow these 3 steps:


(1) Think of at least ONE friend, colleague, family member (we’re sure you can think of more than one!) who would be interested in earning a degree.


(2) Tell them about UoPeople and ask them to start their online application right away! 


(3) Fill out this form – make sure to include your friend’s e-mail address.


Once they begin their first term as UoPeople students, we will contact you to talk about your rewards!



Tier 1- Refer 3 friends

  • Co-host a Facebook Live event or webinar
  • Join an exclusive webinar with President Reshef
  • Act as a brand ambassador on our homepage with your personal quote

Tier 2 – Refer 2 friends

  • Write a guest blog for our UoPeople website
  • Create a YouTube video about your UoPeople experience that will be shared via Social Toaster
  • Be featured on our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and YouTube cover photos

Tier  3 – Refer 1 friend

  • Join our Hall of Fame
  • Receive an honorary UoPeople certificate

Images to Share 

To make it easy for you to invite your friends and family to “Join the People 2018”, we have designed some fun images that you can share on social media or anywhere else!


Just save the image you like, then send it to your friends with a short message!





Terms & Conditions

Please read the Terms and Conditions, by clicking here.


So what are you waiting for?! To participate, all you need to do is click here and fill out the form with your friend’s e-mail address!

We are thankful to UoPeople students who recommended us to their friends!
For some inspiration, visit our Hall of Fame of Recommending Students