What is Tuition-Free?

UoPeople provides students the opportunity to receive an online degree program completely tuition-free. It is our goal to make higher education accessible to all, anytime, anywhere. This means we do not charge our students for courses, course materials, or annual enrollment, making degree programs affordable and accessible. Our unique online model of higher education allows us to bring the classroom to you– cutting the overall cost for our students. Read more 


What about the Quality?

UoPeople is a fully accredited American university. Our academic leadership team are from the best universities such as NYU and UC Berkeley. This means you get the best education possible. Read more 


Is UoPeople completely free? Are there any costs?

While we have removed most of the costs associated with attending a university, we do still have some fees to help us keep UoPeople running, and take care of all the admin and processing work we have to do for all of our students.


To cover these fees we ask for:

  • A one time non-refundable application fee of $60 and,
  • For undergraduates: an assessment fee of $100 per course, or
  • For graduates: an assessment fee of $200 per course

Don’t worry, if you need to time to save the money and you want to start right now you can, as the fees don’t need to be paid until the end of each course. The assessment fees do not need to be paid until the end of each course which is very convenient for students who have to budget and save up. You can also apply for one of our numerous grants and scholarships to help you cover all the fees.


Please note the application fee does not include any additional fees that may be required for third-party evaluation.


After all courses we estimate the total fees for the:

  • Associate Degree are $2,060
  • Bachelor’s Degree are$4,060
  • MBA is $2,460
  • M.Ed. is $2,660

What are the costs for Transfer credits?

If you have credits approved to transfer toward your degree, the cost per transfer course will be $17. This is instead of paying the assessment fee per course of $100 for undergraduates and $200 for graduates. Transferring credits may significantly reduce the total cost of your degree.


What Grants & Scholarships are available?

UoPeople works with top corporations and organizations to provide grants and scholarships to students needing financial support when paying the required processing fees. Students can apply each term for the scholarship for which they are most qualified, and once awarded it can last for a full year of study. It is UoPeople’s aim that financial need will not restrict students from studying.


How can I pay the processing fees?

Payments can be made through Western Union, Western Union Global Pay, Paypal, Cashier’s Checks and Payment via MoneyGram. PayPal payments can be with your personal PayPal account or by using major credit card or debit card – VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. For more information on how payments can be made, click here.